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38th Annual Moonlight Cruise Sat night/Sun morn, 2020-09-06 2:00 AM

The date for the 38th Annual Moonlight Cruise is approaching ... this coming Saturday night, with the ride itself starting (wheels down) at around Sunday morning, 2020-09-06 02:15 CDT, starting at the middle of the James Pfluger pedestrian bridge, near Riverside and Lamar.

That said, with COVID-19 in full effect, the ride is not really cancelled, but ... it's toned way down.  The annual ride doesn't really have leaders per-se, just a set route that people ride, so ... if somebody wants to show up and ride the route at the normal time, that would be great.  (I have no idea how many might do this, but ... the appropriate COVID-19 precautions would be wise if you're riding with others.  Being outside, the risk of transmission is small, but people should still be careful.)

Or, if you want to ride the route at some other time, that would be great as well.

Or if you want to ride some other route or at some other time, of course that's great too.

Here is the standard route if somebody needs it.

If you're into Facebook events, here you go.

Hopefully for the 2021 ride this COVID stuff will be taken care and we can get back to normal, but for now ... we adapt.


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