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N. University Neighborhood Bikeways survey deadline: Sunday, 3/1

Please check out the website for the N. University-Heritage-Rosewood Neighborhood Bikeways project and leave your feedback through the survey. This project includes alternatives for better street connections to the Shoal Creek Trail. Deadline for the survey is this Sunday, March 1.

Project website: … /6vmu-6wzb

Project survey:

Proposed changes include

Improvements for routing and navigation

-New shared lane pavement markings (called share-the-road arrows or “sharrows”) to alert people driving to expect people bicycling in the street and help guide people along the bikeway route

-New wayfinding signs to guide people bicycling to local and regional destinations

-Study feasibility of switching stop signs to prioritize the bicycling route:

*Hemphill Park (east side) at West 32nd Street

*Hemphill Park (west side) at West 33rd Street

*West 41st Street at Sinclair Avenue

*West 41st Street at Rosedale Avenue

Managing vehicle speeds and volumes

-New speed reduction devices to achieve lower 20-25 mph speeds

-No volume reduction is anticipated

Improvements for crossing major streets for people walking or bicycling

-Intersection improvements (e.g., signal timing changes, ADA upgrades, curb extensions, detection)

-New sidewalk to fill gaps on W 31st Street between North Lamar Boulevard and West Avenue with proposed localized parking restrictions to avoid conflicts with trees

-New bicycle lanes for connecting across major streets:

*West 29th Street between West Guadalupe Street and Hemphill Park with proposed localized parking restrictions

*West 34th Street between West Avenue and West Guadalupe Street with proposed parking restrictions on the north and south curbs

*West 40th Street between North Lamar Boulevard and Marathon Boulevard with proposed localized parking restrictions

Shoal Creek Trail connection

Alternatives are being considered for West 31st Street/Shoal Creek Boulevard between North Lamar Boulevard and West 34th Street to provide a more clear Shoal Creek Trail connection using in-street space where it is not possible to build the trail adjacent to the creek.

-Alternative A:  An “in-street” shared use path on the south curb requiring parking restrictions on the north curb

-Alternative B: A neighborhood bikeway with an eastbound bicycle/walking lane on the south curb and keep existing parking on the north curb

-Alternative C: One-way westbound general travel lane with an “in-street” shared use path on the south curb. This would generally keep on-street parking on the north curb. Parking restrictions may be needed to accommodate longer motor vehicle queues at the middle school drop-off/pick-up loop.



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