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Jennifer Gale, perennial candidate, cycling supporter, found dead

Jennifer Gale was an interesting figure.  Homeless, transgendered, and deeply concerned with our city and civic service.  She was found dead outside a church where she regularly slept.  No cause of death has yet been announced, but sleeping outside in freezing weather is an obvious possibility.

She frequently ran campaigns for local office, usually mayor and city council.  I remember how estatic she was when I endorsed her on behalf of Bicycle Austin for mayor in November 2001. link  I also endorsed her again in May 2005 and 2006. (2005, 2006).  According to Wikipedia, she garnered an impressive

Jennifer was a little out there, but she had a good heart.  The world would be a better place if more people cared as much as she did.

Other articles:

Gale's death highlights lack of shelter for transgendered homeless
Councilmembers pay tribute; comments by the community
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Re: Jennifer Gale, perennial candidate, cycling supporter, found dead

Being "out there"
She did less harm than the rest...
May she rest in peace.

A attractive fifteen year old girl once asked old adult me how to live off of the grid.
She had thought about it and determined it to be impossible.
I told her to live off of the grid was done by millions, we call them homeless.


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Re: Jennifer Gale, perennial candidate, cycling supporter, found dead

On the same day that Will Wynn announced to City Hall that 136 people have died while sleeping outside in Austin this year, police chief Art Acevedo announced that 69 people have died on Austin's roadways this year.

The city spends millions of dollars each year trying to reduce traffic fatalities. What resources are being applied to safeguard the people sleeping outdoors?

This is one of those ugly examples of a society deeming one type of life more valuable than another.



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