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Take back those 3' with a pool noodle

This article discusses using a pool noodle tied crosswise to the back of your bike to claim the 3’ passing distance cars should (but often don’t) give you. … ket-newtab

The best cycling hack is a pool noodle — Quartz -
The pool noodle may look silly, but since strapping it on our loads, it has made our lives safer every day. (Plus, it’s a fun conversation starter at pitstops, and it also reminds us not to take ...

I’ve use a similar item—a gray foam pipe insulator with reflective tape on it—that only sticks out maybe a foot to the left of my pannier, but it has definitely helped; I note that Austin drivers give me more room than they used to.  But it sags a bit, so I’m going to upgrade to a pool noodle because it stays more horizontal.


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Re: Take back those 3' with a pool noodle

That's a great idea!  I'm gonna try it.


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