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183 North Toll Project

CTRMA's 183 North project is in the news as ramping up again. Not a lot of major bike infrastructure planned but it will certainly help close dangerous (and deadly) gaps for cyclists and pedestrians in northwest Austin. … st-austin/

  • An 8-foot wide Shared Use Path to connect the Jollyville Road bike lanes to the bike lanes on Pond Springs, a distance of approximately 1,600 feet.

  • An 8-foot wide Shared Use Path from bike lanes on Pond Springs to the bike lanes on Lake Creek Parkway adjacent to the US 183 northbound frontage road, a distance of approximately 2,600 feet.

  • Sidewalks along the US 183 northbound and southbound frontage roads from RM 620/SH 45N to Loop 360 in locations where sidewalks do not currently exist.

  • Cross street connections for bicyclists consisting of 5-foot bike lanes in each direction, created by re-striping the existing cross street pavement to narrow the traffic lanes to 11 feet each.


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Re: 183 North Toll Project

Thanks for posting this.  I've been waiting to see progress start since the flurry of activity in 2015.

I'm interested to see if the original $5M proposed for bicycle and pedestrian enhancements is still there.

More than $5 million proposed for bicycle and pedestrian enhancements
You spoke up, and we heard you! Many of the public comments received have urged the team to consider bicycle and pedestrian improvements as part of the 183 North Mobility Project. As part of the Express Lanes alternative, the project team is proposing more than $5 million in enhancements to bicycle and pedestrian facilities in the corridor, including two shared use path segments connecting existing bike lanes parallel to the US 183 corridor, sidewalks along each frontage road where none currently exist and cross street connections for bicycles.

From what I can tell this is all still on the table.
The Express Lanes Alternative includes more than $5 million in upgrades to provide safe connectivity for bicyclists and pedestrians throughout the corridor, including:
• Sidewalks both northbound and southbound from RM 620/SH 45N to Loop 360
• Shared Use Paths to connect bike lanes on:
• Jollyville Road to Pond Springs Road
• Pond Springs Road to Lake Creek Parkway
• Cross street connections for bicyclists at every roadway crossing under US 183 North from Pecan Park to Great Hills Trail

This will really help connectivity in this area.


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