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Vie Cycle - Bike Workshops for Women+

Vie Cycle offers bicycle maintenance workshops for women+*.

Through experiential education techniques, discussions and group activities you’ll learn bike lingo, anatomy, basic maintenance, and how to fix things when you're in a pinch. The courses are focused around empowerment and confidence building, so you'll also learn about safe riding habits, fitting your bike to your unique body and how to access cycling communities in your area.

We offer courses for individuals and we also work with cycling clubs, women's organizations, schools, bike shops and small businesses.

*Women+ includes people who identify as female, trans, intersex, queer and gender non-conforming. Basically, all those folks who aren't represented in the Tour de France. We occasionally offer co-ed courses if requested specifically by a group. If you aren't sure if the "women+" label includes you, please contact us!


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