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New shared use paths along I-35 between Stassney / William Cannon

TxDoT is reconstructing the Stassney and William Cannon bridges.  Schematics show the Stassney bridge having 5' shoulders and 10' sidewalks, and the William Cannon bridge with 11' shoulders and 10' sidewalks. (no shoulders exist currently)

In addition new sidewalks/shared use paths are planned along both sides of the the freeway between Stassney and about 1/2mi south of Wm Cannon.  This is a good boost to accessibility there since much of that distance is missing sidewalks now and a lot of the frontage road has narrow or no shoulders.

Stassney lacks bike lanes east of 35, and Wm Cannon lacks bike lanes west of 35, so the paths also mean folks will finally be able to connect east-west across 35 in the area without sharing a lane on these very busy roads. … iam-cannon

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