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Bike Austin hires new executive director

Just got this to my email:

Katie Smith Deolloz wrote:

Hi! I am Katie Deolloz, Bike Austin’s new Executive Director. It is a privilege to take over for my predecessor Mercy Feris. She has helped in making the transition as seamless as possible and every member of the staff (Carson, Shavone, and Michelle) along with the Smart Trips Ambassadors (Jorge, Jolene, and Myles) have extended a warm welcome and been quick to adapt to the changes.

My husband, kiddos, and I choose to live a carfree lifestyle in the 78704, intentionally positioning ourselves along Bike Route 31 and the CapMetro 5 line for our multimodal and active commuting styles. Fun fact: both my daughter and husband are unicyclists!

Since we moved back to Austin in 2016, I have jumped in with both feet! I was elected to two-year terms for both the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Councils, voted onto the boards of Walk Austin and Vision Zero ATX, and completed my fellowship with the America Walks National Walking College. I am also a League Certified Instructor (#5283) and “graduated” alongside Mercy and Bike Austin Board members Tomasita Louviere-Ligons and Erick Benz.

Bike Austin is an organization with a rich history, which has provided a foundation on which we will continue building a strong community. During this stage of Bike Austin’s evolution, I want to affirm that I am committed to casting a bold vision for where we will go, while never losing sight of where we have been.

The Board, staff, and I are committed to advancing Bike Austin’s mission to improve the quality of life for our neighbors by growing bicycling as a form of transportation, exercise, and recreation. We want you to commit to the mission with us.

So let’s get started! 2018 will be a year of progress for Bike Austin and bicycling in our city. I'm setting an ambitious goal of 2,018 new members by this year's Bike To Work Day on May 18! To get a head start, we’ve created the “Let's Ride Together 2018” membership. Your $18 monthly investment will have an immediate impact on the cycling community here in Austin.

If you are someone who wants to invest in building a world where people of all ages and abilities can ride bicycles on streets and trails safely, join us.

If your company recognizes the direct benefit to the bottom line when employees are healthy (fewer sick days) and there is no need to pay for expensive parking spaces, invest in the mission as a business member.

For those of you who are already members and have the means, consider making a one-time contribution of $2,018 signaling your shared commitment to seeing the movement expand its reach. I realize to some it may seem an audacious ask, but this is Austin and I know it's possible!

The momentum is building...let’s enjoy the ride together!

Katie Smith Deolloz
Executive Director

P.S. Swing by the Bike Austin offices Friday night (1/19) between 6pm-7pm to say "Hello" to Katie and pick up a FREE t-shirt or bag!


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