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Bikes Across Borders Benefit - Friday, Dec. 12th at the Rhizome!


It is almost New Years, which means it is about time for the 2009 Bikes Across Borders bicycle tour to donate the bikes we have created from salvaged parts over the past year to a community abroad.  We will be leaving for Mexico on January third, biking towards Brownsville/Matamoros, where we will leave the bicycles with a local community in Matamoros called Derechos Humanos.  We are currently doing a parts and tool drive where we are asking local bicycle shops to support us in any way they can.  At the bottom of this message I will include our wish list, but any donation of usable parts, tools, apparel, discounts, etc would be greatly appreciated.

What is Bikes Across Borders?

The organization Bikes Across Borders is based at the Rhizome Collective. The collective is an east Austin center for community organizing and urban sustainability projects. Bikes Across Borders is a local nonprofit bike workshop with an international mission. Since it began in 2000, the organization has repaired salvaged bicycles as well as provided bicycle and bike trailer workshops to area cyclists. The group has also delivered more than 500 bicycles to countries south of the U.S. border.

The idea to help those in Mexico and elsewhere was born when group members learned that assembly plant workers in Mexico were spending up to 15 percent of their salaries on transportation costs. In 2001, the group coordinated with Comite Fronterizo de Obreros, a human rights organization in Piedras Negras, to bring about 80 bicycles into the area. Since then, Bikes Across Borders has delivered bikes to Cuba and Central American countries as well.

Donation Wish List

There are many items that are necessary for a trip such as this.  While we have a fantastic bicycle shop at the Rhizome collective, it can often be difficult to acquire some of our essential items from salvaged bicycles and typical donations.  This is a list of items we currently need for our trip next month, any other items you think of are great as well.  Lightly used parts that you may be discarding would be great too.  If you do not have the option to donate directly to us, we would also appreciate store discounts, as some of us will be putting our own money out there for the trip.

-Gear Racks (especially rear ones, we need these for all of the bicycles)
-Tubes/Tires/Patch Kits
-Brake Levers/ Gear Shifters
-Chains/Quick Links
-Bicycle Tools (we will need all types for maintenance on the road, and to leave with the communities)
-Safety Items (helmets, bells, lights, reflectors, etc)
-Brake Pads
-Brake/Shifter Cables

Thank you in advance for your support and for making the Austin bike community so strong!

Please contact Elliot Siff at (303)565-0624 for donations or any questions.


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