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Distracted driver leaves cyclist Tommy Levario in wheelchair 9/5/17 … heelchair/

kxan wrote:

Fifty-year-old Tommy Levario set out on a bike ride after work in the bike lane along Wells Branch Parkway on Sept. 5, headed east. He doesn’t remember the crash itself, but the Department of Public Safety report said that a white truck heading eastbound on Wells Branch Parkway swerved into the bike lane, striking Levario’s bike. Near the intersection with Killingsworth Lane, Levario was thrown to the sidewalk and rushed to the hospital.

According to DPS, the driver said he didn’t see the bike. Troopers found driver inattention to be a factor in the crash, though they did not list a phone, food or any other reason for the distraction.

The driver was cited for expired plates and has another citation pending for failure to stay in a single lane. Both citations come with fines which would amount to no more than a couple hundred dollars.

Levario, on the other hand, was told by medical professionals that he may never walk again.
Levario began doing triathlons with his two brothers to lose weight. It soon became his passion, leading him and his brothers to compete together in several Ironman triathlons.


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Re: Distracted driver leaves cyclist Tommy Levario in wheelchair 9/5/17

owlman wrote:

According to DPS, the driver said he didn’t see the bike.

  It's hard to see what drivers aren't even bothering to look for.

I took a look on google street view at this intersection and one view actually includes first responders working what appears to be a crash.  The bike lanes here aren't too bad, but the speeds people drive at are pretty high.  This is in an open area that has yet to be developed into a soulless suburban wasteland, so drivers think they can go fast.  Very few people cycle here.

Everyone, please let's make sure we are as visible as possible.   Wear a bright construction type reflective vest at night and glaring colors by day.   Use multiple lights front and back.   Night AND day!  Get good ones, not cheap anemic crap.  I say this NOT to blame this victim.   I have no idea what he was wearing, but we need to put a stop to this 'But officer, I never saw the bike.' BS excuse.   I got some cheap safety vests from Harbor Freight and I carry some to give away to (invisible) cyclists I (barely) see.  I sponsored the Far North Ride of Silence this year and gave away vests to all participants.   We have to get more serious about being visible.   It won't stop all of the carnage, and it might not have made a difference here either, but we have to eliminate the excuse that they couldn't see us.

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