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From: Northloop
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Stolen: Electric Bike and Cargo Trailer

The evening of 9/3 My Sondors Thin eBike and Cargo trailer was stolen out of my garage drive around 9PM, while I was working in the garage.
This is in the Northloop neighborhood near 56th & Ave F.

The eBike has a black plastic battery box that fills the frame triangle with the name "Sondors" in white lettering.

Both the bike and trailer are black, they also took my Giro helmet, Bungees, cords and cargo nets.
The computer display bracket is broken on the handle bar and is held in place with rubber bands.
The Hand grips are made by Lumma and have integral light system.

I’ve made a report to APD, if you see the bike, call 911 and refer to report T17004298.

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Re: Stolen: Electric Bike and Cargo Trailer

I'm sorry for your loss.  I suggest you also post on  Even if your neighbors can't help you locate your bike, they'll appreciate the extra-local crime report.


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Re: Stolen: Electric Bike and Cargo Trailer

Do you have any pictures of your exact bike?

And what's the brand of the trailer?

I assume they didn't get the charger too?

edit: I was about to post this to SLVS, but I see that you already have, with more pictures, and I see who you are.  Hi Chris!

They're probably the best bet -- this will be a very distinctive bike, and without a charger the odds are high that it'll be abandoned somewhere once the battery dies.

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