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Wheel builder

After years of abuse of my favorite rear wheel has developed a scary looking crack in the rim.  I want to replace it with what I have and not just buy a new wheel.  But, I would rather be boiled alive in my own blood than try and build a wheel myself.  Can anyone recommend a good wheel builder?  I'm sure Bicycle Sport Shop would do it, but I thought I would ask around first.


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Re: Wheel builder

I've ridden more that 20,000 miles on Bicycle Sport Shop built wheels on one of my bikes, but who could say you'd end up with the same builder after all this time? 

In 2106, I had a cracked rim replaced with the same model rim by Bike-A-Lot.  So far, so good. 

Earlier, when I had more time, I just followed the instructions of Jobst Brandt (p. 116: … Brandt.pdf  ) to replace a rim with the same model, using the same spokes.   So far, so good, after a few thousand miles.

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Re: Wheel builder

I recall tstarry used to build wheels. Is he still in the hood?


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