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FOR SALE - $700.00 Women's Felt ZW5

Ridden gently, never dropped, moving to mountain biking and need room in garage. Bought new in 2013. Small tear on front of saddle from it getting caught on a bike rack while loading.

Factory Description
It's here: a full-carbon road bike tailor-made for you! Felt's ZW5 boasts their featherweight high-modulus carbon frame and fork for outstanding pedaling efficiency, brilliant handling and a super-smooth ride you'll love. This sweet women's-specific ride rolls on Mavic wheels that spin up to speed effortlessly, while the Shimano 105 20-speed drivetrain provides the ideal gearing for the road's ups and downs. And, this road rocket is spec'd with women's-specific features for a custom fit, like shallow-drop handlebars and an anatomic seat for superb comfort.


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Re: FOR SALE - $700.00 Women's Felt ZW5

Welcome, ajzeli1972.  I don't suppose you'll be sticking around to participate after you sell your bike, will you?


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Re: FOR SALE - $700.00 Women's Felt ZW5

ajzeli1972 wrote:

a full-carbon road bike tailor-made for you!

It didn't come in steel? 

A funny thing happened to me the other day when I went to the bike shop.  I went to go pick up a part I had ordered (which BSS was quick to deliver!)   My gf had driven me there, and I only agreed to her driving me because we needed to spend time together away from my grandkids.   Anyway, she waited outside while I went in.  I wandered about for a bit looking at accessories, but took very little interest in the actual bikes.  They make them all out of carbon now.  There was nothing there made out of Reynolds 531 tubing.  Nothing with interesting lugs.   The joints between tubes on modern bikes just seem kind of soulless.  Also, they all have a ridiculous number of gears that most people will never even use. 

Am I just getting old and cranky?*

*I am just being goofy and having fun.  I am not picking a fight with the op. I really hope she finds a buyer .... she can get a real steel bike!


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