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Hit-and-run on cyclist, 6/26/16 4:45 @ Chestnut & 18th St.

From a post on

My friend was riding her bike at 18th and Chestnutt when a driver in a large white sedan turned right in front of her, collided with her, and then sped off. She has suffered significant injuries. Reward offered for information that will identify the driver such as license plate or name. We think he/she may live in the neighborhood.

Additional information:
The crime took place on Sunday, June 26th at around 4:45 pm.
Car was traveling northbound on Chestnutt and then turned left onto 18th St
Car is around 10 years old, give or take
There may now be a dent in the car on the passenger side between rear wheel and bumper.
Large white sedan such as Mercury, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, etc.

How many more hit-and-runs do we need to get another one of those Bike-Friendly Cities awards?


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