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Bridge out between Krieg Fields and Roy Guerrero River park

Hi all,

Just wanted to post that the pedestrian/bike bridge between Krieg Fields and Roy Guerrero River park is fairly out. The city has put fences around it, but people (me included) are going around them. (coordinates: 30.247276, -97.709082)

There are 3 fairly large (~1 ft) gaps between the slabs, and a large downward buckling on the widest span. There's a ton of skid marks where people approached at too high a speed and I imagine wrecked their wheels if not more. I've been walking the bike across.

Be careful out there! I hope that they fix it soon, the only detour is trekking all the way up to riverside and back down, not exactly a bike friendly street. Plus this is a great connector for ACC riverside students and anyone living further out along the montopolis/e riverside corridors.

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Re: Bridge out between Krieg Fields and Roy Guerrero River park

If this article is about the same bridge, it's not supposed to be repaired until 2020! … st-austin/


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Re: Bridge out between Krieg Fields and Roy Guerrero River park

The schedule on the city's Country Club Creek webpage now says construction on the bridge and final stabilization won't even BEGIN until 2021.  :-/


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Re: Bridge out between Krieg Fields and Roy Guerrero River park

This bridge was discussed at the 12/18/18 BAC.  Janae Spence of C of A Public Works Department explained what was going on.  Here's a summary of what she said:

Watershed Protection is the department managing that redesign. They have an erosion issue there that is very unique. They went to Vancouver to use a special modeling facility to model the erosion on a small scale with their current bridge design, to be sure it will behave in practice as they are hoping, since the erosion situation there is severe. They are still a couple years out from a final bridge being open, given the complexity of the erosion control there.

I don't know, I guess.  But, a couple of weeks before I was born JFK made a speech in which he announced a plan for the US to land a man on the moon.  By the time I was in the 3rd grade we had done it!   Whole new technologies had to be developed to make that happen. People have been building bridges for about 10,000 years.   

Austin is NOT taking active transportation anywhere near as seriously as it could.  I'm not blaming the people working for the city - my impression is that they are frustrated too.  The general population really just wants more car lanes, and these efforts to fix bridges are just the scraps that fall off the table. Austin is really a very car friendly place.


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