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Austin's planned "Dutch" interesections

A pro-Dutch cyclepath blogger has an interesting take on Austin's plans for "Dutch" intersections. … tejune2015  It is part of a larger discussion.  Comments about the Austin plans can be found with scrolling down.


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Re: Austin's planned "Dutch" interesections

His comments on the Riverside and Lamar intersection should be taken with a grain of salt as his biggest complaint is "In this example there is no safe way of exiting the junction to head East or North".  He assumes up is North but it is actually West, so he says there is no way of heading West on Riverside or North on Lamar, which is true but that is not where the majority of the cycle traffic would be here.  Northbound traffic is much more likely to take the pedestrian/cycle bridge and westbound traffic is more likely to take the hike and bike trail under Lamar (why would you wait at the light if you can just go under and even if you did this the layout lines you up with the hike and bike side walk on the westbound side).

The Barton Springs and Lamar intersection doesn't look that egregious in terms of turn radius for the bike paths.

The only complaint that I agree with is the lack of cycle specific lights but that is not something a city can fix as it is regulated by the state ( … sion-2.pdf).  Currently there is no provision for separate bicycle signals, only provisions for cyclist to use crosswalk signals or auto traffic signals.  Looks like the state updates this every two years so the next opportunity to modify this would be in 2016.  One way to do this is contact the company that manufactures most signals and see if they could help author a section for separate cycle signals (this is how a lot of regulations get written, not by the government officials but by corporations with a vested interest in the regulation).

It is clear from his comments on the original post that he didn't have all his facts before he started dumping on this design. … e-downtown

I for one say bravo to the city to attempting to make it easier for cyclist to navigate these intersections.



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