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#1 2014-11-18 11:26:00

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Solar-Panel Bike Path Installed … s-solaroad  Netherlands again.  Practical?


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Re: Solar-Panel Bike Path Installed

Definitely not practical but I think the article makes it clear that was well understood:
"Indeed, if you really wanted a solar-powered bike path, Morris notes, there might be an easier alternative. You could install roofs above parts of the bike paths and then install solar panels on the roofs. Less dirt. You can angle the panels. More electricity with less hassle. (Plus it would shield cyclists from the frequent rain, although it would be less pleasant on sunny days.)"

Looks like more of a proof of concept test for may different technologies than just solar; tempered glass lbke paths, non-adhesive coatings, low voltage electricity running under a cycle path, new construction techniques, etc.  This type of roadway testing happens all the time (I'm sure we've all seen the testing of different paint striping on roadways and probably haven't noticed when they are testing different asphalt mixes or safety features).  This one is happens to get press because it includes a solar aspect.

Gotta learn what works and what doesn't somehow.



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Re: Solar-Panel Bike Path Installed

although it would be less pleasant on sunny days

Or more pleasant if it were in Texas.

In any event, it seems to me the ideal place to put solar panels is roofs for now.  When most of the roofs are covered, then we should start investigating things like roads.

(That said, it's an interesting test.)


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