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#1 2008-09-13 00:12:37

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Please put the DATE & TIME of your event in the title

The titles of all the rides/events listed here show up on the front page of Bicycle Austin, so please help readers out by putting the DATE and TIME of your ride/event in the title of your post.  Please use specific dates like "9/14".

You can put the date/time first or last, I'm not that anal about it.


9/14 Sunday, 5:00pm - Clown Bike Parade from Waterloo Park

Clown Bike Parade from Waterloo Park - Sun 9/14 @ 5:00pm

(This is just an example.  There is no Clown Bike Parade.  Please do not go to Waterloo Park.)

Do NOT list the date as "Today" or "This Sunday" or anything similar, because you don't know when people will see your post.  They might see it weeks after the event has already happened, so in that case "Today" is a very useless (and wrong) description for them.  Put the actual date in the title.



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