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More bike rack space on buses?

Cap Metro bike racks only hold two bikes.  Are there buses in other cities with racks that can hold more than that?  If there's a way for the bus to hold more bikes, I'd like to make a request to Cap Metro.  The bike racks on my route are always full!


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Re: More bike rack space on buses?

About three years ago at a BAC meeting, a spokesperson from Capitol Metro -I think his name was Cortez-- announced that the buses were being retrofitted with three-bike racks. He also said it will take a few years to finish the conversion. He was right. I, personally, have never seen one; but I rarely have the occasion to take the bus so I wouldn't   know.


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Re: More bike rack space on buses?

See their blog post from fall 2012: … -new-rack/

They tested out the 3-bike racks last year and are maybe using them on unspecified routes. I couldn't find any more recent information.


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Re: More bike rack space on buses?

I seem to recall reading somewhere that at least one driver decided that the three bike racks blocked the lights for the bus too much, and so was not letting all three be used or only during the day or something along those lines.

I can't find anything about it now -- so I guess it must have been an isolated incident or a misunderstanding or something.


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