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Recurring rides

There's a number of rides that happen every week, month or year that I thought I'd make people aware of.  This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but I'll be adding to it as I remember more rides, and feel free to add more in the comments (and I'll move them to the list.)

Monday night, Biking Betties.  This women-only (usually -- every once in a while, the men are invited too) ride usually happens on Monday evenings, but the time and locations may vary.

Also, the Lend your legs rides with the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired generally happens Monday nights while school is in session.  Check the link above to make sure and get more details.

Tuesday nights, The Yoga Ride.  Ride for a while, then do some Yoga.  Usually starts at Doug Sahm hill at 6:30, wheels down at 7:00, but I'd suggest checking Facebook to be sure, and to make sure the ride is happening at all.

Wednesday at noon, the Hump Day Nooner, which happens every Wednesday at noon (wheels down at 12:15pm) starting at the Pfluger Pedestrian bridge.  This ride happens every week, event or not, rain or shine.

Wednesday night, The Queer Ride.  They usually meet at the South gate of the Capitol at 7:00pm with wheels down at 7:30pm.

Wednesday night, Ladies RideFast Folk usually (?) hosts a ladies-only ride each Wednesday night at 8:30pm.  (Not sure about the wheels-down time.)  Ride starts at Fast Folk.

Thursday night, the Thursday Night Social Ride, which happens every Thursday night at 7:00pm (wheels down at 8:00pm) currently starting at Metz Park (during the summer it meets at Festival Beach).  This ride happens every week, event or not, rain or shine.  This is probably the largest weekly ride in the city, regularly having over 200 riders.

Saturday mornings,  Saturday Caffiene Cruise.  Usually starts at around 10:00am on Saturday mornings, but the starting location varies, so you'll need to join the group.

Sunday night, Bike Curious.  This ride typically meets at the white table at Sandra Muraida @ W. 2nd St at 7:30pm, wheels down at 8:00pm.

Events for these events above (except for for the Ladies Ride?) are generally created on Facebook a few days before -- join the groups to get invites and details.  Joining the Social Cycling ATX group will get you invites to all of their rides.

The Austin Cycling Association hosts several bike rides each week -- mostly on the weekends, but they do have some weekday rides as well.  Check out their web site for upcoming rides.

Mellow Johnnies hosts several rides each week.

The Bicycle Sports Shop hosts several rides each week.  (Note that the link given goes to the road rides, but they do more than that -- click on the other options to see off-road and other rides.)

The Austin Cycling Meetup page has a number of recurring rides.

Full Moon Cruise.  This ride happens the night where 2:00am is closest to the full moon each month.  People meet at 11:59pm that night, wheels down at 12:30am.  The date varies from month to month (of course), so the easiest way to know the date is to join the Facebook group given above and get an invite a week in advance.

The dates are also listed on the left side of this website.

Critical Mass.  This ride happens on the last Friday of each month, meeting at 6:00pm and wheels down at 6:30pm.  (The exact time has been tweaked a little lately, but this is the current starting time.)  It's a lot smaller than it was a few years ago (I think the TNSR stole its thunder), but the ride still exists.

The Annual Moonlight Cruise happens on the Saturday night/Sunday morning in September that is the closest to the full moon at 2:00am, wheels down at 2:10am.  The Atex Full Moon Cruise Facebook group will give reminders for it as well even though it's an older tradition (2013 will be the 31st annual ride) than the monthly full moon rides.

Tour de FatUsually sometime in October. -- they're not coming to Austin in 2013.

Political Pedal.  Usually in April or May.

World Naked Bike Ride.  Doesn't always happen (it depends on if somebody wants to organize it), but when it does, it's usually in June.

Hottest day of the year ride.  August, and yes, it generally lives up to its name!

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Re: Recurring rides

Thanks so much for posting this!  I finally got around to adding the rides to the sidebar.

Good idea for making it a Sticky.


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Re: Recurring rides

There are a lot of rides here:

Don in Austin


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Re: Recurring rides

Don't forget the "Lend your legs" ride with Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impared (TSBVI).
Here's the link:
If you go to the site it has all the info.

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Re: Recurring rides

It's a good ride, but it doesn't really "recur" with much regularity -- it's only going on for a few months out of the year, with frequent gaps for holidays and such.

I'd say just post an event each time it happens rather than trying to add it to the recurring rides.


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