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FOX 7 TV - Bike Commuting Interview Soon

Needed for TV appearance: "Austin bicycle commuter representative"

I participated in a group appearance last Wed. morning that was exclusively covered by Jenni Lee of Fox 7 TV.

Because I had to be somewhere soon AND because she remembered me from being around the court house for all the Tommy Kelly TIRE STABBER appearances, Jenni singled me out first for chit-chat. It came out that I am a bicycle commuter and had ridden the previous day when it peaked at 103 deg F after work.

Ms. Lee took down my particulars and said she "Wants to do a segment on bicycling". I'm pretty sure she means it.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm not particularly photogenic so I want to steer her to someone else who has a broad knowledge of "Wah'z happenin'" in Austin when it comes to bicycle commuting. Who would be willing and good at not sounding like a political advertisement?

George Wyche


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