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Route from MayField Ranch/Vista Oaks to Research Blvd North.

I plan to ride to work from Mayfield Ranch/Vista Oaks to oak knoll & 183. I used google maps to find the optimal route, and what I came up with is as follows.

From Mayfield Ranch Road cross over 1431 to Sendero Springs Dr to great oaks Dr,  then take Avery Ranch Blvd to Parmer, and down parmer to Mc Neil and left on Technology Dr.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this route ?


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Re: Route from MayField Ranch/Vista Oaks to Research Blvd North.

Not sure about the first bit, but I'm currently working on Technology Blvd.  I would recommend NOT to use McNeil unless you are a very competent and experienced rider who is used to brushes with high-speed impatient drivers.  I'm not saying it can't be done, but I think a lot of folks would feel pretty uncomfortable there.  Sure, there are bike lanes on some stretches, but there are also some rather nasty bits.

Here's a route that you might consider (starting on Parmer)...

It might add about a mile, but it might be worth it.  One caveat: I normally do this route only on Sunday mornings, so I'm not sure what traffic is like on on Riata  Trace Pkwy.  I doubt it's all that bad, though. 

Also, you can easily cut through the big empty parking lot of the new office building on Research Park at 183.  And, finally, I use the bank parking lot to cut between the 183 access road (sidewalk) and Technology.

Hope this is helpful.



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Re: Route from MayField Ranch/Vista Oaks to Research Blvd North.

Looks fine except for the end.  Don't go down McNeil, it's a nightmare even when it's not rush hour.  Go down Parmer a little further to Riata Vista Circle, then Riata Trace Parkway.  It's not shown on the road map, but there's a business complex with roads in the area between McNeil and Riata Trace Parkway.  Go to the satellite view on Google maps and you'll see them.   On Riata Trace Parkway just before 183, take a right turn in that business complex, follow it around to the left, and you'll end up near 183 & Oak Knoll.  There's a road coming out of the business complex which becomes Oak Knoll on the other side of 183.



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Re: Route from MayField Ranch/Vista Oaks to Research Blvd North.

McNeil isn't that bad westbound until it narrows just before Research Park, and if that's your destination then you want to be in the left turn lane there anyway.

If your destination is along Technology, you can go through the subdivisions north of McNeil by turning right onto Tamayo, right on Dallas, left on Blackfoot to McNeil for the short but somewhat hair-raising bit to the left turn lane for Technology.  You also have the option of turning early into the parking lot for Blue Hanger etc and cutting through to Technology.  I know bicycle commuting along Tamayo is somewhat popular because I live along there

If your destination is east of 183, then in addition to any route that takes you to Research Park (which becomes Oak Knoll on the east), consider getting there via Anderson Mill -> Amasia -> Hendricks -> Hunters Chase -> Pond Springs to Jollyville road via the 183 intersection at McNeil.  I don't find Pond Springs troubling but I guess some might.  The Pond Springs / 183 / Jollyville / McNeil / Spicewood Springs intersection is a little complicated but the only really nervewracking part (to me) is the short bit along the southbound 183 access road from Spicewood Springs to Jollyville road since you're starting up with traffic, some of which will be trying to get around you to also turn onto Jollyville.


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Re: Route from MayField Ranch/Vista Oaks to Research Blvd North.

I work in the technology park at Research and Oak Knoll and I bicycle everyday.  I do not suggest McNeil Drive!  They are striping bike lanes but it's treacherous even in a car.  There are too many driveways and side streets for my tastes.

I don't know exactly where you're going.  Someone suggested crossing McNeil and continuing to Riata Vista Circle.  That would work, but you have to cross McNeil at Parmer.  Remember, the high school is just up the road and teen drivers + rush hour + chronic red light runners = chaos.  I cross that intersection at other times of day, but I avoid it during rush hour.

My suggestion is to ride down Dallas Dr.  It runs parallel to McNeil.  Take it to Dakota Lane and turn left (towards McNeil).  This will bring you out onto McNeil about 30 yards above the back entrance of the technology park.  The street is unmarked but the consensus at work is it's called "Technology Park Drive" and the half circle around the park is "Technology Park Loop".  Anyway, you won't find those names on any map.  You can cut through to Research from there.  We have speed bumps but there's room to go around them.  Warning, motorists speed through there and run stop signs. 

An alternative to Dakota Ln is to continue down Dallas until you get to Blackfoot Trail.  This brings you below the entrance to the technology park.  You might find it easier to make a left and right versus a right and left given the volume of traffic turning into the park.

If you have any general questions about that area just let me know.  I've lived and worked in the vicinity for over ten years now.


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