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#1 Re: Bike Lanes / Facilities » City cracks down on parking in bike lanes (Jan. 2020) » Yesterday 14:21:35

MichaelBluejay wrote:

I floated the idea to the City about 30 years ago to somehow deputize citizens to be able to ticket cars illegally parked in bike lanes, but it was a non-starter.

Oddly enough, the city *did* (and still does?) this for people parking in handicapped spots, basically deputizing citizens to issue tickets.

For the proposed (and not yet approved if I understand correctly) bike lane parking bounty, it sounds like a citizen will make a report, and then the city will send out somebody (a city employee) to check and if a violation is found, issue a ticket, and if/when that ticket is paid, *then* the citizen might get paid, if everything works out.

I suspect that they won't issue tickets just based on a picture -- it'll require a city employee to see the violation -- and that they definitely won't let citizens issue tickets on their own.  (They could if they did the training and background check like the existing handicapped parking system, but to add a bounty to that?  That would create an unacceptable conflict of interest.)

#2 Rides and Events » World Naked Bike Ride Austin Saturday June 11th, 8pm Peace Park » 2022-06-07 13:08:10

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Saturday, June 11, 2022
8:00 PM to 11:00 PM CDT

[editor's note: The event organizer was not specific about things, but in the past people assembled at 7pm for body painting and the ride itself started at around 8pm.  I don't know if this timetable is happening again this time, but I wouldn't suggest arriving later than 8pm.]

Finally! We have an official date! We will begin gathering at Pease Park in the area of the picnic tables. If that area is highly occupied we will gather under the trees just down the path like last year. Let’s make this years ride a great one!!!

Meetup group that one can join if they are so inclined.

There will also be an after-party, find out about it at the ride or by joining the meetup group.

#3 Rides and Events » Memorial to honor Moriah Wilson 05/29 5:30pm @ Republic Square » 2022-05-23 15:27:00

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The Austin Cycling Community will be gathering to honor Moriah Wilson on May 29th at 5:30 pm at Republic Square (422 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78701).

We will share some words from the community as well as some words from her family. This will be followed by a short ride to Deep Eddy Pool, the last place Moriah visited on the day of her death.

Please see the Mo Wilson Fund, set up by her family in order to raise money to fund organizations that help youth build confidence through sports.

Facebook event:

[And in case you haven't heard about this at all, … ustin.html gives a good summary.]

#4 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » Need help with finding and making a ghost bike » 2022-05-13 12:47:18

In Austin, the obvious answer is the Yellow Bike Project..

You don't need a functional bike, so just tell them what you want it for and go into the back and pick one out and if you pick one that's in poor condition it should be dirt cheap if they don't just give it to you for free.

Another option would be Goodwill, but YBP is the best place.

And I hadn't heard about Nate ... I'm sorry to hear that.

#5 Re: Bike Lanes / Facilities » W 5th Street: Bye bye buffered bike lane, hello bus lane :-/ » 2022-05-02 10:44:28

sevenspurs wrote:

Question for the group.  Would a one way street that has a bike lane be used as a two way bike lane?

Are you referring to this specific road, or in general?

If it's in general, it probably deserves its own thread.

That said, to attempt to answer the question in general, yes, the city does sometimes add two way bike lanes to one way roads -- such as they've done on Rio Grande.  There are pros and cons to this, though in general I'm not a big fan.  And then there's other roads where they add a two-way bike lane to one side of a two-way road, like Great Northern Blvd and Pedernales Street -- I'm even less a fan of this, though it works better when the bike lanes are physically protected and sufficiently wide.  (Note that Rio Grande and Pedernales have protected bike lanes that are (barely) sufficiently wide, but Great Northern has neither.)

And if you're asking if a cyclist would ever ride the wrong way on a bike lane -- it does happen.  In general, they shouldn't do that, but it does happen sometimes.

#6 Justice Issues / Collisions » Cyclist dead in SE Austin hit and run » 2022-04-06 21:50:48

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AUSTIN (KXAN) — A 73-year-old man died last Thursday after being hit by a car while biking in southeast Austin. Police are now searching for the car involved.

The Austin Police Department identified the cyclist as Keith Culver.

The crash originally took place March 30 just before 9 a.m. in the 6300 block of East Stassney Lane. Officers responded after a report of a collision involving a car and a pedestrian cyclist. The car left the scene, APD said.

Culver was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries but died the following day on March 31, police said.

APD described the car in the crash as a small, four-door, dark-colored vehicle. Anyone with details about the crash or car can call the Highway Investigation Tip Line at (512) 974-8111.

#7 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » Hit and run -- possibly intentional -- caught on video » 2022-04-01 15:16:08

Yeah, I probably understated how important the video is here.

I mean, sure, it doesn't capture a plate or the driver's face -- two things that would be really nice -- but it

* shows that the cyclist was doing everything right
* shows that the car swerved to hit the cyclist
* shows the dog walker trying to catch the car (seriously, a hero!)
* makes it so that we can determine exactly what kind of car it is and where it probably has damage
* makes the incident "interesting" so the news actually runs stories about it

I would argue that putting a dashcam in your car (if you've got one of those things) is a no-brainer (unless you're an utterly horrible driver) -- they're cheap and require little maintenance once installed.  Using cameras on your bike is more work and costs more to do it right, but ... it can really pay off.

Regarding the article itself, yeah, it's got some of the usual problems, but not all of them ...

"cyclist hit by car" ... not a more active "angry motorist runs over cyclist".  Seriously, this is a bad driver problem, not a bad car problem.

And then there's this bit of weirdness --

According to Texas bicycle laws, all bicyclists must ride alongside streets and roadways, as opposed to sidewalks, when a designated bike line is unavailable.

... um, what?

KVUE has an article now too. and Fox as well.

That said, I'm pleased that there was no mention of the rider wearing or not wearing a helmet, and no mention of their clothing in any of the stories.

#8 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » Hit and run -- possibly intentional -- caught on video » 2022-04-01 00:17:49

More details ...

On Facebook, Social Cycling Austin. here --

I’m the cyclist that was hit by the white car on riverside drive. If anyone has any information about the vehicle or any cameras in the area that would be really helpful. I’m fortunate to have gotten away with relatively minor injuries but it was just luck. I’m covered in road rash, I can only walk with crutches at the moment.
I thought I was safe in doing a loop around the convention center as I was doing distance training for the cap tex tri and COTA bike night had been canceled for the week. My bike is totaled and my body is in no condition to train, effectively ending my 2022 cap tex tri goal.
There was nothing accidental about that excuse of a man’s actions. That scumbag hit me intentionally after harassing me for half a mile and yelling obscenities at me. He slowed and waited until I passed him, yelled at me, and I waved my hand for him to pass me. He accelerated across the lane into me. His road rage took precedence over my life.
I had blinking headlights and tail lights. I had reflectors on my bike. I had a bright blue frame. I was in a well lit and low speed area. I was as close to the curb that I could reasonably be. This wasn’t an accident, this was attempted manslaughter.
If we can get the plates for this guy, I will do everything in my power to get criminal charges to stick against him.
Please wear your helmet as I believe mine was the main reason I’m still alive.
Thank you for your time,

And a news story on KXAN, which I suspect gives us the best chance of finding that car and hopefully have some way to identify the driver ...

And all of this was greased by the video taken by Scott.  Without that, sure, the police would respond, but they'd have much less of a chance to actually catch the guy, the news would be less interested, etc.

#9 Justice Issues / Collisions » Hit and run -- possibly intentional -- caught on video » 2022-03-31 12:10:03

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This post over on reddit's /r/Austin catches a hit and run over near the Long Center, complete with video -- and it kinda looks intentional rather than merely negligent.

On the bright side, the victim seems to be mostly OK, and the police appear to have taken it seriously, so that's good to see.

The comments are pretty much what we've come to expect from such things.

#10 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » 21yo drunk driver kills pedestrian on sidewalk in Cedar Park (3/25/22) » 2022-03-29 11:30:50

If that's what you've found in the TxDOT Crash Record Information System, well, I can't think of a more authoritative source for Texas-specific data, so ... it looks like you've answered your own question and it does seem to be typical.

For nationwide data FARS would be the source, and I suspect it's similar but I haven't actually checked.

Alas, from what I've seen the only way to even come close to ensuring that a crash is properly investigated [edit: and documented/recorded] is for somebody to die ... and even that doesn't always work.

#11 Re: Equipment (Discussion, For sale) » Pawn shops pretending that stolen bikes aren't? » 2022-03-21 14:52:37

I've heard these sorts of claims repeatedly over the years, all of it, for various pawn shops.

They are indeed required to report serial numbers, but ... there seems to be no penalty for them accidentally making typos on the bikes they think are likely to be stolen.

From what I've heard they'll give up the bike to the police, but if the police won't even get involved, yeah, they make you sue them, even though they're knowingly holding stolen property.  On the bright side, once it goes to court they don't have a defense, and you can include court costs in what you sue for.

Texas law does provide for "exemplary damages" if there's strong evidence of fraud, malice or gross negligence, though I don't know if that's an option in small claims court.

#12 Re: Bike Lanes / Facilities » KXAN to the rescue » 2022-01-25 13:26:18

I saw that headline and thought "well, that's something we don't see here very often!"

And then I read the rest ... "ah."


#13 Rides and Events » Tour das Hugel, Saturday 2021-11-13 wheels down at 7:15am » 2021-11-10 12:28:55

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We're proud to announce to announce that Tour das Hugel is back in 2021!

We're partnering with Breakfast Club this year to provide a great riding experience.

Meetup at 7am and rollout at 7:15am from the Mopac Pedestrian Bridge(Southside).  (South side of the river, under Mopac, basically where Stratford goes under Mopac.)

There will be 2 rest stops this year. Rest Stop # 1 will have the infamous Fixe biscuits as well as coffee at the top of Terrance Mountain. Rest Stop # 2 will be the classic stop off of River Place & Sun Tree Cove. This stop be will dual purpose on your way out to 620 and your way back up Big View.
The route will be our classic route that can be found via the link below.

Hope y'all can join us! As always, note that this ride is largely self-supported and that this is a challenging day in the saddle. Ride at your own risk!

Facebook event: … 7153827137


The ride is about 113 miles long with around 10-13k feet of climbing (it basically looks for all the big hills in West Austin.)  It's also possible to just ride the first 38 miles or so, as the ride loops back to the starting point there before it goes back off into the hill country again.

There is no registration or fee or such, just show up and ride. 

They have more details in their FAQ, including this bit of wisdom :

Should I ride Das Hugel?

#14 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » 16yo who hit six cyclists in Houston faces no arrest or charges (9/21) » 2021-11-08 22:24:11

I am ... impressed.

"On September 25, 2021 a sixteen year old drove his truck into six bicyclists that were training through Waller County. Over the last six weeks this office has assigned its own investigators to seek out evidence, and to interview the victims and witnesses," the statement reads. "Today we have filed six felony charges of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon against the juvenile in question, one charge for each cyclist that was injured." … 603498.php

#15 Re: Rides and Events » World Naked Bike Ride Austin Saturday, Oct 9, 2021 7:00PM Pease Park » 2021-10-09 13:02:28

The new date and time for this is tonight, Saturday, October 9th.

Looks like wheels are down at 8pm, so don't be late.

#16 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » 16yo who hit six cyclists in Houston faces no arrest or charges (9/21) » 2021-09-29 16:33:30

Ahh, his attorney released a statement!

"My client is a young man in high school with college aspirations. He’s a very new and inexperienced driver. This was a serious accident but did not involve any criminal intent. He immediately called 911, helped with the injured and cooperated with police. The family prays for the speedy recovery of the riders involved and we look forward to cooperating with investigators."

Well then.

Looking at the DA's Facebook page and this article, it sounds like the teenager will not be arrested at this time, but *might* be indicted in October or November, and if he was indicted for a felony, I guess he would be arrested at that time.

It is interesting that the DA made a big post about how wrong (and criminal) "rolling coal" was, however.  I mean, we all knew that, but to hear it from a DA ... well, I hope they actually mean it.

#17 Re: Justice Issues / Collisions » What does it take to be charged with killing a non-driver? Being black » 2021-09-26 22:56:53

I was just looking into Lance's aggressor -- he wasn't just charged -- he was convicted, got 10 years.

Strangely enough, the court gave 10 years for the celebrity, and one year for the non-celebrity, even though both cyclists were assaulted in the same way at the same time --

Carter was convicted of felony aggravated assault on Armstrong, for which he was given the 10-year sentence, and misdemeanor deadly conduct against cyclist David Averill, for which he was given the one-year sentence.

(no idea how "10+1=10" -- served simultaneously? -- but whatever.)

I was looking that up in relation to this recent incident --

WALLER, Texas - A group of Houston area cyclists are hospitalized after getting hit by a pickup truck in Waller County Saturday morning.

According [sic] the Waller County Sheriff, 6 cyclists were hit by the vehicle along old 290, roughly 2 miles west of Waller.  In total, four of the cyclists had to be taken to area hospitals, including 2 by helicopter.

The driver had apparently just "rolled coal" on another group of cyclists and was trying to do it to this group too, but I guess got too close and actually hit them?

Either way, the 16-year-old driver has not been arrested.

I do hope some of those cyclists had video running -- video of him intentionally "rolling coal" at them might be what it takes to get the State of Texas to treat it like the "aggravated assault with a deadly weapon", second-degree felony, that they should.

(You'd think the witness reports of his actions should be enough, but ... seemingly not.)

#18 Re: Organizations » Bike Austin opposes Proposition A about police staffing (2021) » 2021-09-22 12:50:15

This page gives the board of directors ...

Chris Riley, President
Hill Abell, Treasurer
David Walker
Stanton Truxillo
Adam Greenfield

NoWayOnPropA's list of people includes both Chris's and Hill's name as well (as individuals).

So, whether it was a good idea or not, I think we know who made the decision.

#19 Re: Rides and Events » World Naked Bike Ride Austin Saturday, Oct 9, 2021 7:00PM Pease Park » 2021-09-10 20:16:01

Unfortunately, it looks like the organizer had a death in the family and moved the date to October 9th.

#20 Rides and Events » 39th Annual Moonlight Cruise Sat night/Sun morn, 2021-09-19 1:30 AM » 2021-08-29 00:18:35

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So ... the moon still waits for no one and no virus, so ... annual Full Moon Cruze is always a go come September, and this will be the 39th annual ride!

This year, the ride falls on the Saturday night/Sunday morning of September 18th/19th, 2021.

We will assemble at about 1:30 am at the James D. Pfluger Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge and we'll ride out at about 2:15 am to 2:30 am.

And don't be confused by the date -- this ride happens on Saturday night/Sunday morning, the night of the 18th and/or the morning of the 19th! Set an alarm so you don't forget!

This ride has no leaders and follows a set route, so it happens every year, virus or not. That said, this is definitely the ride to make it to!

The usual route is:

As always, the schedule for Austin's full moon rides can be found at

If you're looking for a Facebook event, here you go.

#21 Rides and Events » World Naked Bike Ride Austin Saturday, Oct 9, 2021 7:00PM Pease Park » 2021-08-28 23:54:37

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Note the new date!

Austin's World Naked Bike Ride is coming up soon -- October 9th, 2021, starting at Pease Park at 1100 Kingsbury St · Austin, TX.

People will start meeting at 7:00PM, and I *think* it's wheels down at 9:00PM.  (It's not entirely clear.)

For more details. Here's the Meetup event, however you may have to join the Austin World Naked Bike Ride group there to view it.

There's also a web page that doesn't give a lot of details.

Note that these links are not safe for work!

The Meetup event says :

Finally! We have a date and are all set to once again strip down and take over the city streets! As always this ride is “Bare as you Dare” if you want to ride fully clothed that’s fine, completely naked, even better! The APD has always had no problem with us and tend to smile and wave, you can expect lots of horn Honks and cheers as we ride by. This ride is for all levels of riders. It usually takes around an hour or so because we stop to rest and regroup a couple of times along the way. We will start congregating at the park around 7:00, have a brief safety announcement and then proceed with the ride. There will be an after party which will be announced here.

Sign up for info on our website

Saturday, October 9th, 2021, 8:00 PM to Sunday, September 12, 2021, 12:00 AM CDT

Pease Park
1100 Kingsbury St · Austin

#22 Re: Equipment (Discussion, For sale) » Long Tail Utility eBikes? » 2021-08-02 16:16:14

I've got a basic non-suspension mountain bike, set up as your typical commuter with fat road tires and an XtraCycle FreeRadical kit on the back.

It looks sort of like the one in this photo.

It's OK.  I don't ride it any more, as I recumbents now, so some day I need to sell it ...

It was definitely good for carrying big things, and I could carry an extra person back there too.  (And I added a second handlebar back there for them to hold on to.)

If I had it to do again, I'd skip the kit and just get something with a long frame to start with as it would just keep things simpler, more solid.

That said, for shopping on my bike, I found that simply pulling one of those two kid trailers with an ordinary bike worked *great*.  They have lots of storage, can be removed easily, and cars will see that trailer and give you ten or twenty feet of space rather than two :)

#23 Rides and Events » Bike-In Guerrilla Theater! ATX BFF 2K21, then Full Moon Cruise 07/23 » 2021-07-19 16:00:53

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Bike-In Guerrilla Theater! ATX BFF 2K21 bookface event, if you're into such things.

Full Moon Cruise bookface event.

Calling ALL fellow cyclists, wheelie masters, roadie cyborgs, leisurely cruisers, socialist cyclers, human powered vehicle operators, it's time to put your butts on your bikes and join us for a cinematic celebration of all things bicycle life related!

This is the 20th Anniversary of the Bicycle Film Festival, and though we were not able to celebrate it proper with the usual rolling roadshow, I've decided to celebrate it in our own Austin way by running a bike ride to a guerrilla screening of the film fest! We've got Girls KILLING the BMX game, workers just doing their jobs, a spiritual cyclist with the most unique views on riding I've ever seen, and that's just a taste of the greatness you will witness if you join us for this cinemagraphic espectacular!

Meet-up: James D. Pfluger Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge
When: Friday, July 23rd at 7pm - wheels down at 8pm SHARP!
What: Short (<5 mile) ride to the secret spot, followed by two-hour presentation of the 20th Bicycle Film Festival!
Where: A park location of mystery and bemusement! For me to know and you to find out. For real we gotta fly low with this one because, well, it's not like I pulled any permits for this shit.*
Why: Because we LOVE bicycles, LOVE bicyclists, LOVE film, and LOVE watching short films shot by bicyclists about their bikes, other bicycles, and the folks who ride 'em!
How: Meet us at the bridge, we will ride out at 8pm SHARP (for real this is wheels drop at 8pm, not 8:12, not 8:23, 8 frikkin' PM! There's a reason explained below) - this ride is NO DROP, leisurely paced, and will have one short bit of gravel, but nothing a trued wheel and a steady hand cannot navigate.
What to bring: Your bike, lights, repair/safety gear, a blanket/towel/something to sit on (there's plenty of grass, but I can't vouch for the ants), snacks, hydration! It'll be dark and cooling off, but it's frikkin' July. Bring a beverage, and bring one to share! There's gonna be some sweaty folk out there.
How long: As long as you want to make it! The ride itself will be about 45 minutes on a bicycle, and less than five miles. We will keep an eye on you and shepherd you to the park, and if we find ourselves lagging there's a shortcut to make sure we make it on time. The film festival proper is 2 hours, so the goal is to press play at 9pm on the nose and wrap at 11 so y'all can get home safely before the drunks get loose...
OR -- make it a longer night and join us for the Full Moon Cruise! Details below, but they get rolling around 11:30pm from the same bridge we're meeting at, and we plan to give you plenty of leeway to roll out from the guerrilla BFF spot, hit a convenience store, and make it back to the bridge with time to catch your breath and re-hydrate. With the light of the moon at our backs this will be a truly mystical night of bike fancy!

[Doug's comment: this is all outside (so COVID risks are low) and low budget, so I'm kind of curious to see what Jason has come up with a projection setup, and hopefully the weather will cooperate!]

Full Moon Cruise info:

* Note: I've been asked by many, and yes, once the ride is underway I will post an update with a nearby location people can meet us at if they miss us from the bridge or don't get out of work/life/whatever till after 8pm. Keep an eye on the event and we WILL update 20-30 minutes after we leave the start spot. Long as you're nearish downtown you shouldn't have a problem meeting us before the first short film starts.

Regarding the Full Moon Cruise afterwards, note that we're now starting about an hour earlier than we did pre-COVID, so wheels down at about 11:30 - 11:45 PM -- don't arrive later than 11:30 PM.  Still the same 20-25 miles or so, going to a few mystery spots each ride at about 11-13 mph.

We started the Full Moon Cruise up again last month after the COVID-19 hiatus, schedule here, and hopefully Delta won't make us shut things down again in the future, but for now it's on again!

#24 Re: Organizations » "bike registration that works"? » 2021-07-19 14:31:20

RedFalcon wrote:

I have no idea if it has ever helped anyone get their stolen bike back.

It probably has.

I mean, APD doesn't put a whole lot of effort into solving property crimes, but stolen property often falls in their collective lap, and they'll take the serial numbers they have and run them against those in police reports, their own registration database, etc.  If they don't find anything, they may just return the property to the thief, or throw it into their auction or whatever they do with lost property.

And so if your stuff is stolen, absolutely do file a police report.  And serial numbers are absolutely essential -- they are the key that the police will use to identify your bike, often the only key.

its a good idea to go through your stuff and take images of tools, equipment, bikes, guns, electronics, etc. Record any serial numbers. I also took pictures of the rooms in my place, just so I could use for insurance purposes if I ever needed to.

The usual advice was to buy or borrow a video camera and go through your house and record every valuable item with it and the contents of every room in general, catching serial numbers when practical, and then put the tape somewhere safe (like a safe deposit box.)

And it's still great advice, but of course, now it's a lot easier as your phone can do that, and just save the file somewhere in the cloud.  (And when it comes to dealing with insurance adjusters, this advice is fantastic.)

But regarding bikes, keeping your serial number is key if it is ever stolen.  If you bought the bike new, the bike shop might be able to look it up for you, but ... just keep it yourself.

#25 Re: Roadway hazards » I think I'll just take the lane ... Lamar and Morrow » 2021-07-19 14:25:39

The reddit post does show the other side too, but it's an imgur gallery and so people often miss that there's more than one picture ...

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