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#1 Re: Other » Where can I lock my bike? » 2010-02-18 11:24:39


Although the legislature is ultimately in charge, the Capitol grounds are controlled by the State Preservation Board.  That doesn't mean that they're easier to work with, but it means you don't have to wait for a session to get things done and *might* mean that showing a photo of full racks would be helpful.

I only ever found adequate racks on the north side (near the Reagan building), although my recollection is that there are a couple of spots near the Supreme Court building (also on the North).  I've also parked on the east in front of the State Library and the southeast near the old Land Office (now the Visitors Center) building, but I may have just used signs in those cases.  I never found or used racks on the south or west sides.

#3 Re: Commuting/Routes » Route from MayField Ranch/Vista Oaks to Research Blvd North. » 2008-08-19 11:55:18


McNeil isn't that bad westbound until it narrows just before Research Park, and if that's your destination then you want to be in the left turn lane there anyway.

If your destination is along Technology, you can go through the subdivisions north of McNeil by turning right onto Tamayo, right on Dallas, left on Blackfoot to McNeil for the short but somewhat hair-raising bit to the left turn lane for Technology.  You also have the option of turning early into the parking lot for Blue Hanger etc and cutting through to Technology.  I know bicycle commuting along Tamayo is somewhat popular because I live along there

If your destination is east of 183, then in addition to any route that takes you to Research Park (which becomes Oak Knoll on the east), consider getting there via Anderson Mill -> Amasia -> Hendricks -> Hunters Chase -> Pond Springs to Jollyville road via the 183 intersection at McNeil.  I don't find Pond Springs troubling but I guess some might.  The Pond Springs / 183 / Jollyville / McNeil / Spicewood Springs intersection is a little complicated but the only really nervewracking part (to me) is the short bit along the southbound 183 access road from Spicewood Springs to Jollyville road since you're starting up with traffic, some of which will be trying to get around you to also turn onto Jollyville.

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