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#1 2017-01-25 17:25:31

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Hit-and-run driver kills 19yo cyclist Tommy Ketterhagen, 1/23/17

19-year-old Thomas "Tommy" Ketterhagen was last seen riding his bicycle in east Georgetown about 5pm Monday.  His mother found his body Tuesday morning.  From the pictures, it looks like there was a nice, wide paved shoulder.  I wonder whether the driver was drunk, texting, inattentive, or actually just aimed for the cyclist. … t-and-run/


#2 2017-01-27 15:08:08

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Re: Hit-and-run driver kills 19yo cyclist Tommy Ketterhagen, 1/23/17

Looks like they've found the guy. … t-and-run/

Sounds like he "turned himself in" after the police had already found him and his truck?  That's not normally how one "turns themselves in".

The witness's account is also highly concerning.  It sounds like it'll do away with the "I thought I hit a deer!" claim, but it also sounds like the witness knew a guy had just been hit and didn't investigate or didn't call for help?

There's a memorial ride Sunday for the victim.


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