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FOR SALE: Vintage Bianchi Sport SS

Vintage Bianchi Sport SS Road Bike CL url -
I've had it since the mid 80's (bought it from another student while I was in college). I recently renovated her and it has been a week-end rider for me and my sons, but overall has very few miles on it for a bike this age.

It's is a great bicycle and functions perfectly. I like the classic 12-speed looks.

Magny (Ishiwata manganese-molybdenum alloy) double-butted fork and frame according to stickers. While Bianchi is best known as an Italian brand, it was having bicycles built in Japan to its specifications for several years in the late 1980s. These were particularly nice bikes, with much better workmanship than the Italian models.

The original saddle has a small wear hole in it.

It is an early 80's model
Tube height is 58cm, I think but not sure. I'm 5'10" and fit fine on it and will work for a taller rider. My son is 5'6" and it's really too big for him.

12 speeds with original Shimano Groupo. (was a preferred better-built groupo fo this bike at the time).
Black with gold accents

Please note I currently have a Men's Terry Buzz Off saddle on it. It is a leather saddle with Ti railes and much better than the original saddle. I'm currently looking for the original saddle (somewhere in my garage). If I can't find the original, you can have the upgraded saddle at no additional cost.


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