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Re: Miles per gallon from bicycling

plarson wrote:

Ugh, I hate to hear people using electric bikes for a 2-mile commute. 2 miles? you could walk and get there in 30 minutes tops. The electricity takes away any exercise you'd get, plus if you do exercise, you'd be doing it after work. Time wasted.  If you just sit at your desk for 30 minutes the sweat goes away, and you are not smelly. I can tell you from experience. I've never used the shower at work. Electric bikes also use batteries which are not biodegradable.  There's also the maintenance.  I could go on, but I won't.

90% of the population prefers to drive an automobile to commute.

2% chooses to pedal a bike.

Yet, it's awful for you to hear about someone using an ebike to commute? So what if it's 2 miles.

Your comments are as if the entire population is using a bike already, when it's clearly the other way around.

Why not be happy that a ebiker going 2 miles to work is 4 miles of cold engine pollution each day, not being spewed into your face as you pedal?

This is the exact sentiment that I continue to see against ebikes. And it's silly. Maybe the general population doesn't want to get sweaty or is too tired to pedal a bike. 

Personally, I think 4 miles of pedaling a bike each day is a GREAT way to get some activity in some but not all instances, and I really support it if it fits your routine and makes you happy.

However, talking down on someone who uses an ebike for 4 miles of commuting is stupid. An ebike is not the same as a bicycle. If you think they are, you haven't ridden (a good) one.


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