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#1 Re: Commuting/Routes » Routes from Austin for road bike » 2019-02-14 04:22:38

Jack wrote:

This may help a bit too, maupertius: … 9%2C102739 (City of Austin bicycle route map)

Thanks, this is very useful and should help me getting out of town safely!

#2 Re: Commuting/Routes » Routes from Austin for road bike » 2019-02-13 07:18:04

Thanks for your reply Jack. I'll definitely consider looking at the club rides you suggested (assuming I can just turn up and join them for a ride).

The route you suggested looks good, I like the idea of riding to a different town. Another question: is it safe to ride to the countryside from downtown Austin? By this I mean not being forced to ride on main roads where bikes are not allowed. I'll likely be hiring a bike from a downtown shop, so I'll need a safe way to get out (will have a gps with me).

#3 Commuting/Routes » Routes from Austin for road bike » 2019-02-12 17:48:16

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Hi, I'm a keen cyclist (road bike) from the UK and I will be visiting Austin for work in March. I'm planning to hire a bike and do one or two rides over the weekend. I was looking at a place to hire a bike and the shop Mellow Johnny's seems quite a good one. Could anyone recommend me a place where I can look for some routes? Ideally something around 100-120km and possibly with some hills (if there are any). Thanks!

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