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Greetings to cycling friends in and around Austin, see you at the next MS150!

This post is to let you know about a Non-profit effort to help bike biz victims & send $25 per jersey to the Red Cross, and... Michael, I'm not sure if I should be trimming the company fluff/standard PR practice, after our Press Release, or not, your discretion, of course!  And I'll e-mail you the American Red Cross PDF of the jersey design, should you want to update this.  Know your busy - THANK All YOU'all!

VENTURA, Calif. – October 2, 2017 – After their original hurricane relief jersey in 2005, America's first sublimated bike clothing manufacturer, has designed a new jersey from their new Balance Cycle Wear line, to help the victims of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  Years ago, Mark Holler's Aussie Racing Apparel created a Katrina Relief jersey to support the Salvation Army's work in greater New Orleans.  Holler's design team put their hands and heads together again to create a brightly colored jersey, with the approval of, and funds going to the American Red Cross.  Following the impact on the Gulf coast states, the cost of destruction has been estimated to exceed $200 Billion and help will be needed for months to come.

We started this process weeks ago, knowing that since 1881, the American Red Cross has been a safe way to contribute. They have gone to work in times of national environmental, or weather emergencies, so we agree with interbike, it's logical to direct funds through the Red Cross.  As the Vice President of Interbike, Pat Hus, said before the biggest bicycle industry trade show, “These natural disasters have affected hundreds of thousands of people, including shops, reps, distributors and more,..."  So, Balance CycleWear has joined other industry leaders like Polar, BTI, and Santa Cruz bikes whose fundraising started at interbike.

From now until December 31st, for each $65 Hurricane Relief jersey ($72 including shipping) purchased at, and every one at events, Balance is sending $25 to the American Red Cross.  Plus, everything over manufacturing, materials, and shipping costs will be donated to help bike biz employees, and families, who have been displaced by storms and flooding.  Harvey damaged many Houston shops, including at least one of Bike Barn's stores; while the extent of Irma's damage is still not tallied.  We plan to support The Texas Bicycle Coalition's "Cycling Towards Relief" fund, and to work with Florida bike businesses to determine who needs the most help there.

The Red Cross approved design of the Balance, Hurricane Relief jersey is attached, with first shipments of this 100% made in the USA, going out later this month.  Holler said, "We want to help people out.  We have been a part of cycling events in Houston for decades.  Our whole goal is to give back and we won't make a dime on this project."  Balance CycleWear will send out their first audited, follow-up report before October 31st, and invites your feedback and support.

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About Balance CycleWear

Balance is not just for the environmentally conscious, it is for everyone who wants to ba part of Making A Difference!  Balance CycleWear covers your body with sustainable,

Balance CycleWear Hurricane Relief Jerseys for American Red Cross - cont'd

recycled fabrics and you know, 'I'm doing my part to work towards a better world.' You'll be comfortable and environmentally conscious in apparel that is such high quality that no one will know the fabrics are recycled, unless they read the Balance label!

In 1982, our original cycling clothing company, Aussie became the first American apparel maker to fully sublimate jerseys, kits and more, here in the US.  Balance CycleWear rides on over 35 years of experience, comes from the same mind of a passionate cyclist adding color now - to the most earth friendly recycled and sustainable fabrics developed to date.  In addition to our practices of manufacturing using solar, regularly transporting staff and materials in electric cars, and running Biodiesel, we are truly working to reduce a carbon footprint as we remain conscious of where our fabrics come from, and how we can be recycling more in our manufacturing process.

As much as we want to help cyclists and survivors of these back-to-back hurricanes, we also want to reflect a spirit of HOPE as the South rebuilds.  The words of John Muir are across the back of our Hurricane Relief jersey, "the sun SHINES not on us, but in US." 

Please join the owner/founder, and all the team from Aussie Racing Apparel, involved in Balance CycleWear / Outer Circle Motorsports, and NS Cycling and let's give what we can to help; through the American Red Cross, the Texas Bicycle Coalition, other bike industry drives, and responsible local charities - the needs are great, Let's lend a Hand!

Balance is a cycling revolution, taking the middle ground, the best of both worlds.

James Freibert
Recycling Jerseys, Communications and PR
recyclingjerseys /at/

Seanette Taylor
Project Manager / Custom Garment Specialist
Balance CycleWear / Aussie Racing Apparel / NS Cycling
seanette /at/

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