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1. NO SIGNATURES. Posts are for sharing information, not including advertisements for your own website. (On the other hand, you can certainly make a post *about* something on your site and link to it, if it's relevant.)

2. NO CROSS-POSTING. Please post your item in ONE category only.

3. No abuse of other members for anything they say here -- on or off the forum.

4. Be descriptive with thread titles -- like a minimum of five words. Please don't make people open your thread just to find out what it's about. (Titles like "Question" or even "Question about bike lanes" are particularly unhelpful.) If you're selling something, put the price in the title.

5. Don't copy & paste entire articles. Taking someone else's entire work is usually illegal. Please reprint only 1-2 paragraphs of it, and link to the original.

6. All posts are public, and may be reprinted anywhere.

Self-Promotion Policy for Businesses

You can post about your bicycle-related business or product in the Equipment category, once. After that, there had better be something awfully new and compelling before you start a new thread again.

You can mention your business and include a link to it in any thread where you post a reply, as long as it's relevant.

Your business has to have a website, cannot be for gas engines for bicycles, and in the case of bicycle retailers, must be based in the U.S.

However, no signatures in posts, period, ever.

For Sale items

Post the price of anything you're selling. Don't force readers to contact you to find the price.

 All spam is deleted within minutes, including profiles with spam links. Spammers, don't waste your time here.

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